What exactly is a fidget spinner?

  • Elizabeth Roessler
  • June 22, 2017
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Fidget spinners. Something that you hear and see everywhere. But, what is the fidget spinner all about and why are there such a racket about it? Some parents are talking positively about the fidgets while other parents are warning against it. What is the truth and what should you think about the fidgets? Here is some information about what a fidget spinner is exactly.

The purpose of the fidget

Before you can just say that the fidget is just a spinner toy, you need to make sure that you know the purpose of the fidget before you are making the final decision on purchasing one for you and your child.

The main purpose of the fidget is to assist with concentration and focus. It doesn’t matter if you are in a board meeting, in class, or at home studying. With the fidget in hand, you can concentrate better and make sure that you remember everything that you learned.

The fidget was specially designed for children with ADHD to improve their concentration and to give them something to play with and keep their hands busy.

Fidget spinner and ADHD

The main problem that children and adults with ADHD have is that they can’t concentrate for a long time and sitting still is challenging. This means that children that are sitting in class can find it extremely difficult to sit still. They are then starting to play with their hands—even scratching themselves, if there isn’t anything else that they can play within their hands. This results that the child is struggling to concentrate even more.

With the best fidget spinner in hand, the ADHD child has something to play with in their hands. Meaning that they won’t scratch their hands and they will be able to concentrate better. The fidget can really help them with concentrating and focusing—and to sit still for long periods.

Fidgets in school: Yes or no?

This is the one challenging part of the fidget spinners. Should it be allowed in school or banned? There are schools that are allowing the fidget into the classes, with strict rules. However, there are also some schools that are banned the fidgets from school altogether.

It is understandable why schools don’t want the fidgets in the schools; however, they don’t really consider the children that really can benefit from having the fidget to concentrate and to focus better. They should not completely ban the fidget, but ensure that the children that will benefit are allowed to use it in class. get full info coming from https://fidgetcircle.com/fidget-spinners-hand-toy-best

The fidget spinners are taking the market by storm. It is the one thing that every child wants to have now. It doesn’t matter if they have ADHD or not. The fidgets are popular and teachers and parents need to make the decision of whether or not they should allow the fidgets. With this guide, you will have a better understanding about the fidget spinners and will know if this is something that is acceptable in schools and when the child is studying.